Companies with powerful ideals, who know clearly and proudly what they stand for, are the companies people watch and enthusiastically support.

If you believe business could use a new way to win, this could be the beginning of a great conversation.

The enthusiasm of employees, customers, allies and industry is a company’s ultimate competitive advantage. When people want you to win, you become very hard to beat.

82% of Canadians want companies to create shareholder value in a way that aligns with society’s interests, even if it means sacrificing shareholder profits.

2011 Edelman Trust Barometer

Companies with a clear vision, strategy and culture generate shareholder returns three times higher than those of unhealthy ones.

April 2014 McKinsey Quarterly

Only 13% of workers feel engaged; meaning they take pride in their work, feel a connection with their employer, and contribute to driving the company forward.
Forbes Oct 10, 2013; Gallup International Employee Satisfaction Survey

When you give people a great reason to care about your business, and a great purpose to share, they’re more likely to support it.

Acknowledge the “first followers,” who embrace the language, actions and motivations espoused by leadership. Empower them to foster change and lead culture.

Confront a problem others have been reluctant to address. Earn people’s trust and enthusiasm by living up to your stated purpose.

Organizations and individuals with resources and influence can greatly affect the rate and magnitude of the change you hope to create.

Invite your customers, and the world around them, to be part of something extraordinary and identify themselves with the movement. Urge and reward action.